Want to make your own shoes? You're in the right place.

Private Sandal Making Workshop at Emily's / Los Angeles, CA / Sunday May 20, 2018

Private Sandal Making Workshop at Emily's / Los Angeles, CA / Sunday May 20, 2018


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Join us for a day of sandal making in Emily's backyard in Silverlake!  Teaching these workshops is always a blast and it's even better when everyone knows each other. 

In this one day workshop you'll learn the entire process of making your very own pair of handmade sandals made with leather soles, uppers and a 0.5" leather heel.  No experience is necessary, and both men & women are welcome.  Choose from 4 designs: toe ring sandal, 2 or 3 strap slide sandal, or a sandal with a buckle around the ankle (saltwater style).  Within these design choices you'll have lots of freedome to customize with colors, strap width & shape, and strap placement, using your own feet to determine the most comfortable fit.  I'll bring all the tools and supplies and you'll be able to walk out in your self-made sandals! (view photos of past workshops and student work here)

A little about sandal making: making sandals entirely from leather, including the soles and heels, is a traditional way of shoemaking that has been practiced for centuries.  And in my opinion, they are also the most comfortable, beautiful and durable!  In the process of making your sandals, you will also learn basic leather-working techniques and become familiar with shoemaking tools. You will leave with your very own pair of self-made sandals, an outline of the sandal making process, and a list of shoemaking & leather resources in California. 


When: Sunday, May 20, 2018

Where: Location TBA (more details to follow after sign up...)

Time: 11am - 5pm, some sandal makers might finish a little earlier or a little later.  We will take about 30 minutes for lunch

What to Bring: Working hands and outfits!  Bring snacks and a water bottle.  We will also be working outside in the shade, but bring a sun hat or sunscreen if you'd like some extra sun protection.  Bring a dust mask if you would like to use the belt sander to finish your sandals (not necessary, I will finish your sandals for you but I like to offer use of the belt sander if you'd like to try)

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