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Sandal Making Workshop at Make Smith, Santa Barbara, May 6 2017

Sandal season is upon us! It’s time for a new pair. If you’ve ever wanted to make your own sandals, join us on Saturday, May 6th for a day of sandal making.  No prior experience necessary, I will teach you everything you need to know!  Both men and women are welcome to attend.

In a 6 hour workshop, I'll teach you how to make a pair of leather sandals, using your own feet for the fit and your own design for the style (or pick a design to make from my website).  I’ll provide the instruction, the tools, the materials and many different types of leather to choose from.  By the end of class you will have made your own pair of leather sandals!  You will also learn some basic leather-working techniques and you’ll leave with a handout outlining sandal making basics, including places to source materials in California.


Deadline: Sign up by May 1!

When: Saturday, May 6 2017

Where: Make Smith Leather Co.  117 West De La Guerra St, Suite C, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Time: 11am - 5pm.  We will take about 30 min for lunch

What to bring: comfortable clothes to work in, water, snacks, and photos/drawings/sandals that you are inspired by

Cost: $250 sign up here!